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Thursday, July 06, 2006

Gourmet Gift Baskets Impress Your Business Contacts by Malorie Dael

Gourmet Gift Baskets Impress Your Business ContactsBy: Malorie Dael
If you're used to thinking of gift baskets as cheap woven containers of semi-fresh fruit, you may be interested to discover just how creative gift baskets have become. There's something for everyone, and it's not even limited to food items.FOR GOLFING FANATICS:Got a client who loves to golf? Get him or her a golf-themed gift basket. Most include some gourmet treats, perfect for snacking on the green. But many of them also include great accessories, such as a putting cup, club cleaner, tee, ball marker, towel or golf club brush. The food may be gone by the end of the day, but the accessories will stick around, and remind your business associate of you.FOR GARDENERS:Most gardener gift baskets have a bit of a feminine theme, but many are neutral. Some include food, and most include accessories and tools like gardening gloves, seed packets, gardening tools, hand and nail cream.FOR SPA AND AROMATHERAPY ENTHUSIASTS:You'll find a terrific variety of spa, beauty and aromatherapy gift baskets available. Go with a scent theme, or choose one that includes soothing teas. Accessories can include such items as: wooden massager, back scrubber or soft hand towel.FOR EVERYBODY:You can never go wrong with groumet food and drink gift baskets - not with so many to choose from! If an elaborate, expensive champagne and caviar basket is outside your budget, go for simple with Shari's Berries, or a single bottle of Dom Perignon with some chocolate dipped apricot. These combinations are far more affordable, but speak just as eloquently to your good taste, which people will want to associate themselves with.
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Malorie Dael runs MarloweStreet Gourmet Gift Baskets, where you'll find a variety of gift baskets with something for everyone. At, you can shop by price range, or by the type of basket you're looking for.

Baby Shower Gift Ideas by Criss White

Selecting a present for a new mom or dad can be a challenging task. Baby showers are a great way to help support a new mother with her new baby. New mothers can sign up at a gift registry to avoid duplicate gifts and to indicate her gift preferences.

Here are some good gift ideas for baby showers:

1) Diapers - Diapers are a popular gift for baby showers. Every new mother will need plenty of diapers for her new baby and this is a very safe gift to get if you do not have any other ideas or don't know what other people are getting.

2) Personalized Blanket - A personalized blanket is a nice gift for a new baby. Having the name on the blanket gives it a personal touch and makes it a great keepsake even after the baby outgrows it.

3) Stuffed Animals - A new baby needs plenty of toys to stay entertained. Stuffed animals are always a favorite among newborns. A teddy bear is the most traditional gift, but other stuffed animals are also acceptable gifts.

4) Baby Gift Baskets - Baby gift baskets can contain a wide variety of baby supplies in them, including baby wipes, diapers, clothes, and just about anything else that can fit. Gift baskets can also be tailored to the new mother as a token of appreciation. Such gifts can include gourmet foods, candles, and other decorative keepsakes.

5) Baby Clothes - A new baby can never have too many clothes. Clothes can come in a variety of styles and may include hats, booties, and other accessories.

6) Baby Accessories - New babies require many accessories. Baby bibs are popular as well as blankies. Other ideas include baby bottles, pacifiers, and high chairs.

7) Shirts for Mom and Dad - T-shirts can be a nice gift for new moms and dads. Some common sayings on these shirts are "New Mommy" or "New Daddy". Some shirts also say "Mom to Be" or "Dad to Be" - a way to let everyone know that a new child is on the way.

8) Keepsakes - Various keepsakes will also make nice presents at a baby shower. Baby picture frames can hold pictures of the new baby or family for years to come. Other keepsakes include figurines and decorative candles.

About the Author - Criss White is a professional web writer on baby and new mother topics for baby and pregnancy websites.

What To Do When Sales Are Very Slow

Well from what I hear from my business email groups, alot of retail online stores are hitting a slump in sales this summer. I kind of expected it since everyone probably doing alot of outdoor activities and are not doing much stuff online. Alot of people who own their own businesses and are in a slump in sales start to get very discouraged and want to quit. Why do that? Fall will be coming and that is usually when sales start up again. I always believe in diversifying my abilities to doing other things. For instance, I do website maintenance, search engine submissions and web design on the 'side'. I love doing it. It relaxes me and keep my mind off of the sale slump. I also do more research on finding more unique gifts to add to my candy bouquet store.

There is alot of competition out there also that will affect sales. I try to offer and I emphasize 'try to offer' some bouquets that are not offered or not alot of sites are selling.

Those of you who run your own online store, what do you do to take your mind off of the slow sales? I am curious.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Boyds' Collection

The past few days we have added some adorable little teddy bears to add to your collectibles. These little bears are from Boyd's.

We have the following bears:

Butterfly Kisses Collection and Masters of Disguise Collection

You can find them at Candy Gift Boutique in the Boyd's Collection.

Monday, July 03, 2006

Are You Interested In Selling Candy Bouquets & Gift Baskets?

If you love to sell gift items, then this opportunity is 'right' for you. Candy Gift Boutique is offering a great opportunity for honest people to make a living online by referring customers to our candy bouquet site, Candy Gift Boutique.

We are offering a great affiliate program and are willing to reward our hard working affiliates with 25% in commissions for any sales through their affiliate links. Our program is free to join and we will be offering some great opportunities for our affiliates to win great prizes such as gift baskets, jewelry and even cash!

Right now we are having a sales contest that have just started.

The prizes for this contest are:

1)Large Citrus Spa Gift Basket
2)Red Suede Tote Purse

More info on our contest and pics are located here:

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